Saturday, July 29, 2006

Perfect conversation III

Perfect conversation II

Perfect conversation I

“Privet António!”

Privet Alyona.


If god existed he should come down and release his wrath upon all the embassy and consulate bureaucrats!

“I am sure he as a lot more to do”

Is anything more important than my passport?


If I died today what would have become of me? I would be barred in the gates of hell, because I have no ID… like a teenager in a nightclub! I would be condemned to live the rest of my life in a bureaucrat limbo. Kafka’s worst nightmare.

“why hell? you would also be barred in heaven, wouldn’t you?

“oh my fair friend, I have dome enough by mow to deserve hell. Do you know the 7 capital sins? I have had a piece of all of them. How about the Ten Commandments? 9 of them are gone. And my favourite is “You shall not commit adultery”.

“You are doomed!!”

I could be. But god does not exist… and I don’t have my passport.