Thursday, September 11, 2008

Words don't come easy....

I am interested in words, particularly in the misuse of words. I am also interested in humans and their quirks. Mix the two and I can safely say that I am passionate about how humans misuse words.

Brits mock US Americans for the their misuse of Awesome. And it is easy to see why. Some people find a red designer shirt or a line of C++ code Awesome. For those who don't know what Awesome means: "Inspiring awe, admiration or wonder" and Awe is "An overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration". I don't think I have ever felt awe, and never after looking at new mobile phone.

But Brits have their own word sins. Apparently they are quite Passionate (Having or expressing strong emotions). And passionate about everything: work, sausages, East Midlands, fruit, kids (dodgy), etc....

But I live in Britain and can safely say that Brits are almost as passionate as a Lettuce. Do they even know what passion is? The example that springs to mind when the word passion is uttered, are the Russian Characters of Dostoevsky novels. That is passion! Strong temporary insanity.

I could tell you that Brits, specially politicians, are committed to... everything really. I have seen one trying to hit cars, the evil, because he was so committed to saving the planet. He is now committed to improving the NHS.

But my fellow countrymen are not without sin in this matter. They tend to use variants of "seriously" and "honestly" at the end of their statements. Makes me wonder whether they are lying all other times and doubt their intentions when they try so strongly to convince me of the "truth".

But tell you the truth, I am a cynic. Honestly!