Friday, April 27, 2007

“Oh! You are such an understating person.”

Yes I am. But who the fuck understands me? So bugger all to your nice little words spoken as a token of appreciation for that orgasm. What I need you can not give me. Do you know why? Because you need me to tell you what I need.

Confused dear?

Of course you are. I always expect more from people. And I appreciate particularly those that do not expect anything from me. You expect me to be this and that and strong and caring and do the right thing at the right time and fuck you sideways and cuddle you and be interesting and not to connect too much to you and yet be caring as if I did care and to fuck you again. Actually I do like to perform sexual intercourse with you. But in the end… I am not prostitute. I need more than sweet gentle words to pay for my services.

Actually, I am bit of a whore that likes to be paid in sex. But that is not the point! The point is… well… ahh… I lost myself!

Fancy another shag dear?