Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Alzheimer Disease

Just read this article and it seems that heavy drinkers and smokers suffer from Alzheimer disease (AD) earlier in life. That is, if they survive until they are 60 or 70. And if they do, that is the least concern they have. They probably lost a liver due to cirrhosis , can't climb stairs and gone trough chemotherapy... and it seems like that has a few minor side effects like sickness, diarrhoea and hair loss - to name a few. I think they can handle not knowing what the have eaten at lunch.

What could be a problem is not remembering all those drunkard stories to tell their mates in the nursing home. After spending so much time trying to promote themselves in the social environment's by drinking senseless being unable to boast about past vomiting episodes must the emotionally distressing.

Another potential concern is smoking and suddenly realize that there is no pleasure in it. Hell! Why am I doing this? there is smoke coming out of my mouth... it burns in my lungs (do I have lungs?)! Oh no.... there is something burning in my hands... panic alarm... throw it away... oh no, I am in bed... oh no... the bed is burning... and I am an invalid...
Let's say that at the end of this story, insurance companies will not be happy.

A pearl from the piece: "It has been projected that a delay in the onset of the disease by five years would lead to a nearly 50 per cent reduction in the total number of Alzheimer’s cases". They also mention that all the subjects were at least 60 years old. Of course there is a reduction in the number of cases. 50% of the subjects probably died before developing the disease.

My suggestion to avoid Alzheimer is: don't age.